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Panthaleon Filmproductions latest feature film was shoot on Genesis Vintage ´66.

DOP Konstantin Freyer fell in love with the vintage look of our Vintage´66 primes.

“I wanted to leave a quick message here to thank you once again for the great collaboration and excellent quality of your lenses. The Vintage 66 lenses were exactly what I was after for my film. They bring together the best of both worlds: the look and feel of lenses from days gone by on the one hand and the reliability and precision of modern-day models on the other.

All of this combined offers so much potential, e.g. wide angles with an incredible sense of depth thanks to their speed. I was particularly impressed by the front coating, which went above and beyond my expectations. You can get some beautiful, homogeneous flares and a bokeh that instantly enhances each image. The focus gradient is sensational.

The Vintage 66 lenses are certainly more demanding than those with a thick coating, but that is precisely what makes them so appealing and special to me.”