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"The cinematographer's personality and visual aesthetics will be fully utilized in the Peacock Flare Filters."



The Peacock flare filters are made in Germany.

The specially formulated coating process allows the filter to have a flattened profile after a long period of polishing, combined with a special high-temperature coating process to allow the fiters to have 99.3% light transmission rate.

In order to achive a constant aperture, the filter is coated with a special, hydrophobic, hard coating.

Each of the Peacock Effect Flare Filtters consists of two glas filters with a special material made of colored wire. This allows the passing light to form a unique glare effect on the image, and the user can obtain a unique effect through the change of the lens angle, direction and light.

The Peacock Effect Flare Filters reacts with light in a unique way of light refraction and combines the effects o the irregular wire combination between these filters, making the uniqueness of the image unable to reproduce.


Produced by Gecko-Cam, developed by KO Rental


  • Special manufactured, polished and coated glass material with 99.3% light transmission


  • Hydrophobic coating for higher dirt protection


  • Framed 7″ x 7″ filters with larger surface for more creativity


  • The possible use of 3 x 7″ x 7″ filterframe with articulating arm


  • Single frame attachement with 3/8″ thread


7 x 7 INCH


4 x 5,65 INCH

6 x 6 INCH

coming soon


4 x 5,65 INCH

6 x 6 INCH

coming soon