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Camera & Lens test Collimator new version cpl.


The Gecko-Cam Collimator bench is everywhere in practical use when it comes to testing camera equipment and lenses. This ideal measuring equipment is designed mainly for service and repair.

Equipped with the IMS Mount System it offers flexibilty and stable measurements. The Möller and Wedel Autocollimator is capable of measuring lenses within a range from 6mm up to 300mm Focal length.


  • Universal camera and lens test bench (new version) 1,40m working space ,
  • two moveable tables for cameras up to 100kg
  • surface hardened finish (hard-coat ®),
  • mounting block with digital micrometer (displays 0,001mm) 
  • Gecko lens mount base or Interchangeable Mount System (IMS).
  • PL-Mount
  • Measuring head Mark III 45S (autocollimator),
    set to infinity, suitable for testing lenses with focal length from 6-300mm,
    quick release support, measuring head is adjustable x and y axis.
  • Power supply, incl. 15V/150W cold light lamp and with light-conductive fibre.
  • CCD-camera 1/3″ B/W PAL with power supply (NTSC version on request).
  • TFT-Monitor PAL/NTSC incl. power supply and mini magicarm.
  • Plan parallel glas
GC.11200.0 Camera and lens test Collimator new version cpl. 31.700,00.- €