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One of the world’s most used lens test projectors is the Gecko-Cam MKII. Many well known rental houses and lens service station all around the world rely on tha projector. It offers precise and reliable measurement, high end built quality and flexibility due to the IMS Mount system.

The Measurement block made out of steel is resistent to heat expansion and just solid and durable.

An easy interchangeable reticle makes it possible to switch charts within seconds.


  • Back focal lens adjustment
  • Analogue measuring gauge 0,001mm
  • PL-Mount with Gecko lens mount base or Interchangeable Mount System (IMS)
  • Test chart, exchangeable
  • Projector lamp housing 220V (110V on request), 150W – 400W, dimmable
  • Support for 19mm rods
  • LED Worklight
  • Possibility to connect Lens-Control System
GC.11500.0 Lens projector MK-II cpl. set 12.250,00.- €