Gecko Rotapol Filter 6,6 X 6,6 Inch


Largest glass available in this frame size! This polarizer is ideally suited for the Optimo 24-290.

Our rotating polarizer comes with German circular glass custom made for this frame, an rotation controls on both sides to allow for easier access in low mode or inverted positions.

This filter is sold with a custom fitted pouch.


Filter Type: Circular polarization 4×5.65”

Glass Size: 120mm (4.725″) antireflex coating Transmission 46%

Rotation Control: Two wheels, one each side

Insertion/Removal: Large pull tab

Construction: All aluminum (including glass housing)

Carrying Case: Fitted pouch

Compatible Matte Boxes: ARRI LMB-5 or equivalent

Rotating Polarizer Frame 6,6 x 6,6 inch