A unique lens that draws the eye to the heart of the image.

The Genesis OPIA Lens Series

The Genesis Opia Lenses stand out with their stringent optical design, which only uses spherical lenses and creates a highly admirable look.

Housed in a high end mechanical system using latest materials and manufacturing methods. Driven by a focus cam, machined within tight tolerances on the most modern CNC-Machines and new developments in bearing design and material choice, these lenses contain the best from both worlds. Optically and mechanically.

While the longer focal lengths, above 35mm, are based on what is called a split triplet the shorter ones are a retrofocal design. All lenses are coming with a consistent T-Stop of T2 throughout the series.

The special way this lens design was optimized makes it possible to maintain the character of the lens by controlling background sharpness and decoupling it from Iris adjustements. When shot fully open it shows brilliant textures and even sharpness transition.

All focal lengths perform with high contrast at the image center while the image corners tend to show a lower but harmonic resolution.

outstanding mechanical design and reliability,
paired with a characteristic look,
that draws the eye to the heart of the image
and instantly creates an emotional response.





  • brings classic cinema look to full frame digital cameras
  • all spherical optical design
  • Schott glass elements
  • consistent T-Stop of 2.0
  • designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • creamy sophisticated bokeh
  • vivid and organic color rendering
  • outstanding skin-tone and texture reproduction
  • super close socus design
  • compact and lightweight with 95mm front diameter


Make me feel | GeckoCam - Opia Teaser

DoP: Konstantin Freyer | Produktion: Alpha Centauri Studios GmbH

Termnius | GeckoCam - Opia Teaser

DIRECTOR: Jay Holben | CINEMATOGRAPHER: Kaity Williams